4 Tips and Tricks for Traveling on a Budget

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These days, travel isn’t just for the wealthy. Budget-savvy travelers can find amazing travel deals if they know where to look. These deals allow them to see places they’ve always wanted to see at a fraction of the cost. Here are four of the best ways that budget travels save money on the road.

Off-Season Travel

Traveling in the shoulder or off-season will save you significant amounts of money. This means that you choose to travel at a time when most tourists stay home. Hotels, restaurants, and the like offer travelers discounts to encourage them to visit during this time, so it pays to be flexible about your travel times.

Food Stuffs

Budgeting for food on the road can be challenging unless you keep this rule of thumb in mind. Food in destinations like Australia, New Zealand, or Europe should be about the same as it would be for the U.S. However, food in Asia or South America will be cheaper, so you don’t have to budget as much.

Know Which Insurance You Need and Which You Don't

When you’re at the car rental counter, it’s easy to get sucked into paying for insurance you don’t need. Most of the time, you don’t need to buy the extra insurance they offer you. Insurance on your rental car generally protects against damage, theft, and vandalism.

Additionally, if you own a car, the insurance you have on that car will also cover any damage to your rental car as well. To save money, call up your insurance agent and visit with him/ her about what your insurance covers. You can also research the types of insurance that your rental car company will offer you ahead of time.

Alternative Accommodations

Opting to stay in a youth hostel or a room you’ve found on Airbnb can save you a significant amount of money. Hotels often have hidden fees. (For example, you may get charged for taking a bottle of water out of the mini-fridge.) If you must stay in a hotel or motel, be sure to use a discount site and shop around. Remember, getting a discounted hotel is not the same as getting a cheap hotel. 

Traveling on a budget requires you to do a little advanced planning. Opting for off-season travel and a room in a youth hostel will save you some serious cash. Additionally, researching food and insurance costs before you leave the house will save you money because you’ll know how much to budget for. This practice also prevents you from spending extra money on items you don’t need, which leaves more in your pocket, too.

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